Our Services

Our Services

Our understanding of the peculiarities of each client informs our tailored products to meet the needs of its shareholders and Board of Directors as we have a strong commitment of offering our client the most efficient, innovative and unique Registrars services/Investor Relations platform in Nigeria.
We have identified a unique opportunity to transform the Registrars business, therefore we have introduced a suite of services to meet with international standards – radically transforming the face of share registration. These below suites of services have formed our distinctive combined range of capital markets capabilities of stakeholder engagement, shareholder management and analytics, share and unit registry, and employee share plans.

Primary Market Services

  • With the use of top-notch facilities, we offer excellent, timely and efficient services to your capital needs through debt (Bonds, Loan Stock, Convertible Preference Shares etc.) or equity (as Initial Public offering, Private/Special Placements, Depository Receipts etc.)
  • We play an active advisory role from the birthing of the capital raise idea to the final allotment to investors of such program)
  • All regulatory reports are generated promptly to enable issuing house close suc offer within the regulated timeline.

  • Post Primary Market Services

  • Data management service - Our expertise includes a timely and accurate up to date record of stock and fund movement.
  • General Meetings and Court Ordered Meeting Services – Registration for meetings is electronically captured for seamless registration process. We offer a cost effective and efficient platform for dissemination of all notice and report to all stakeholders virtually or door to door.)
  • Corporate Actions Administration-Dividend/Bonus: The company ensures timely payment of dividend (scrip or cash) into shareholders’ bank account, timely remittance of all applicable withholding tax to their respective authorities and shareholders are notified accordingly.
  • Probate/Transmission Services – A thorough diligence on all estate and willed document are conducted before shares are transferred to the administrators.
  • Filing of regulatory returns – All regulatory returns and information are filed with the regulators within the stipulated time

  • Investor Relations

    This service covers a detailed insight of Trading patterns - prices and volume in a pictorial presentation, Market shakers and movers, Shareholder profiling –regional concentration of the shareholders location. Our desire is for our clients to make informed and timely decision on the company shareholding affairs.

    Customer Experience

    A Delightful Customer Experience for all shareholders, stockbrokers, and other stakeholders of our client companies. Customers reach out to us via our social media channels, websites, email addresses, or telephone lines for any form of enquiry such as:

  • Change Of Address
  • Change Of Name
  • Submission of Bank Details for Dividend Credit
  • Dematerialization of Certificates
  • Submission of KYC Information
  • Statement of Stock Position and Dividend Position
  • All requests are given Immediate acknowledgment and treated within 24 hours with feedback.

    Employee Share Plan

    This is applicable to clients/ companies who intend to distribute profit by shares to staff. Such improves staff commitment and drives(not drive) productivity as they become equity holders with an increasing equity position as the company profit grows.

    E-Fund Application

    Our web based application assists Asset Management firms in digitizing their mutual fund operations. The services cover subscription, redemption and Interest re-investment. Access Protocol Integration (A.P.I) are available for the process customization and integration.

    Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

    This is an excellent way to increase a shareholder’s position in our client coming by opting to increase the number of shares held with the dividend due to them.

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