Our institution is based on trust with a strong commitment to offering our client the most efficient, innovative and unique Registrars services/Investor Relations platform in Nigeria. Our understanding of the peculiarities of each client informs our tailored products to meet the needs of its shareholders and Board of directors. We have identified a unique opportunity to transform the Registrars business, therefore we have introduced a suite of services to meet with international standards – radically transforming the face of share registration.

Primary Market Services
We are happy to serve as Registrars to your private or public market services such as Initial Public Offering, Private Placements, Bonds, Loan Stock, Depository Receipts, Special Placements, Rights, Bonus issue e.t.c.
Secondary Market services
On behalf of client companies, we maintain register of Shareholders which includes:
  • Change of Addresses, bank mandate, probate or letters of administration, change of names etc.
  • Registration of settled trades for timely update of the register of shareholders
  • Payment of dividend warrants/interest to shareholders/bondholders respectively.
  • Distribution of annual reports and accounts either virtually or door to door.
  • Organizing and officiating at Annual General Meetings/Extra Ordinary General Meetings.
  • Production and filing of statutory reports with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria Stock Exchange (N.S.E) and Securities Exchange Commission (S.E.C).
Investor Relations
We assist to profile key stakeholders of our client’s and engage them on a one on one meeting as required. In addition, meetings are also held with potential investors of such clients. Research and Data analytics report is prepared for clients as desired for up to date information on all that pertains to their company shares trading and ownership.
Shareholder Services/ E-communication
All inquiries relating to their holdings are entertained virtually or physically at our office. Shareholders are notified of happenings in their companies of investment regularly. Annual reports and others are disseminated electronically as desired as well.
Employee Share Plan
This is applicable to clients/ companies who intend to distribute profit by shares to staff. Such improves staff commitment and drives(not drive) productivity as they become equity holders with an increasing equity position as the company profit grows.
E-fund Application
Our web based application assists Asset Management firms in digitizing their mutual fund operations. The services cover subscription, redemption and Interest re-investment. Access Protocol Integration (A.P.I) are available for the process customization and integration.
Dividend ReInvestment Plan(DRIP)
This is an excellent way to increase a shareholder’s position in our client coming by opting to increase the number of shares held with the dividend due to them.
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