Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)



1Why is International Breweries Plc undertaking a Rights Issue?
The company obtained a US$424 million loan in 2018 to fund the construction of the Sagamu brewery as well as other capital expenditure needs. Due to the constraints of sourcing US Dollars, IB PLC has had difficulty paying down the loan. The loan has had an impact on the Company’s profitability and subsequently the valuation of IB PLC. The Rights Issue will enable shareholders, including AB InBev to inject the desired equity to recapitalise the business and settle the US Dollar loan.
2How many shares will be offered in the Rights Issue and what is the rights price?
The Company is offering 161,172,395,100 new Ordinary Shares by way of a Rights Issue at N3.65 per Share and based on a ratio of Six (6) new Ordinary Shares for every one (1) Ordinary Share as at the Qualification Date. These shares are being offered to Qualifying Shareholders only and are expected to raise N581,658,389,123 Billion (net of expenses).
3Why should I subscribe to the Rights Issue, given that the Company has been unprofitable in recent times?
It is expected that following the successful completion of the Rights Issue and the repayment of the Loan, the Company’s significant debt service burden will be considerably reduced. The elimination of the debt funding obligations should improve the Company’s cash flows, thereby enhancing the Company's path toward profitability. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the repayment of the Loan will drive the Company’s value which will ultimately translate to better returns for the Company’s shareholders
4What will happen to my Rights if I decide not to subscribe to the offer?
If you take a decision not to subscribe to your Rights, you may trade your Rights on The Floor of Nigerian Exchange Limited. Any shares that are not subscribed to by existing shareholders within the stipulated offer period may be offered to other shareholders of the Company who have indicated their interest in purchasing additional shares.
5The EGM Notice indicates that a share redenomination is to be undertaken. What is a Share Redenomination?
A share redenomination is a process by which the nominal value of a company's shares is adjusted without changing the actual value of the company or the company’s shares. The process does not involve any change in the company's assets, earnings, or market capitalisation and only adjusts the face value (par value) of the shares. The share redenomination also has no impact – whatsoever – on the price of the company’s shares as traded on the Nigerian Exchange.
6Why is International Breweries Plc undertaking a Share Redenomination now?
The share redenomination will enable better management of our outstanding shares, to ensure that managing the shares in issue will not become unwieldy.
7How will my shareholding be impacted by the redenomination of shares?
The redenomination will not impact the equity value of shareholders in any way. The actual number of shares held by each shareholder will also not change. The only change is that the nominal value will be adjusted from fifty kobo (50k) per share to two kobo (2k) per share. The adjustments that shareholders will see are a decrease in the nominal share capital but an increase in share premium. Therefore, the information (details) of the company’s total equity value for shareholders is unchanged.


1What is a dividend?
A dividend is a profit given or shared to the owners of a particular company (shareholders) as profit payment and they are usually paid when a company keeps a portion of its earnings to reinvest in the prospect of its business when approved by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.
2I have not receive any dividend since I bought this shares. What can I do?
Kindly download our e-mandate form on our website or contact us by e-mail, to request for a mandate form, fill out the form and drop at any branch of your bank or bring the original copy to our office.
3Dividend cheque has been lost or stolen. How can I get a new one?
If your warrant is stale or stolen, kindly visit our website to download our e-mandate form complete the downloaded form, drop at any branch of your bank or contact us at
4Can I have my dividends paid straight to my bank account?
It is possible. All banks in Nigeria now access the NIBSS E-dividend Portal where your executed E-dividend form makes it stress-free to receive your dividend payment into your bank account once it is approved by the Registrars or the bank. Please visit our website to download our e-mandate form complete the downloaded form, drop at any branch of your bank or contact us at
5Can I have my dividends converted to shares instead of cash?
By way of traditional scrip scheme, the cash dividend is not paid to holders instead shares are allotted to participating holders and share certificates sent to them on the payment date.
6How long does it take for me to receive my dividend after processing the e-dividend mandate form?
It takes ten (10) working days after approval on NIBSS for you to receive your outstanding dividend.
7I have found an old dividend warrant unclaimed, what can I do?
The warrant is no longer in use. Kindly visit our website to download our e-mandate form complete the downloaded form, attached the old warrant and drop at our office or with your stockbrokers.
8What is the difference between dividend and interest payments?
Dividend are a portion of a company’s profit that is paid to the shareholders, that is, the owners of the company and its varies in their amount depending on how profitable the company is, while Interest is paid by the company on money it has borrowed and is usually paid in arrears at the rates and times specified in accordance with the terms and conditions.


1How can I find out how many shares/units I have since I bought the shares?
Kindly call our office line to speak with any of our customer care or send an email to
2I have not received my share certificate. What should I do?
Share certificates are no longer issued. Shares owned are dematerialized into your stockbroking account with Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS). Please contact us or your stockbroker
3I have lost my share certificate, can I get a new one?
Share certificates are no longer issued. See your stockbroker or visit CSCS to obtain your stock position.
4I have reported a missing certificate but now I have found it. What should I do?
Kindly take the certificate to your stockbroker for dematerialization into CSCS account.
5I want to sell my shares. What can I do?
The first step is to get a stockbroker and open a CSCS account where the certificate will be lodged and after which your sale mandate can be issued to the stockbroker.
6I want to transfer my late father/mother shares to my name/shares. What should I do?
Kindly provide and bring to our office the following listed documents 1. 2 copies of the death certificate. 2. 2 copies of the letter of administration/probate (original required for sighting) 3. All original share certificates and dividend warrants still in your possession. 4. 2 copies of the will where applicable or a certificate of additional assets obtained from the probate division of High Court if the letter of administration does not indicate that the deceased acquired shares in any company. 5. Original Banker’s Confirmation of signature of the administration (s) duly authenticated by the bank. 6. Valid identification of the administrator(s) 7. Newspaper publication of Gazette. (Note: In case you cannot bring these documents to our office, an authority letter can be given to your stockbroker to submit all these documents on your behalf which must be sighted and stamped by the broker.)
7I want to transfer my shares to my child. What can I do?
Kindly see your stockbroker.
8Can I sell shares that are in my children’s names?
Kindly see your stockbroker.
9How do I merge my different shareholdings into one account?
Yes, it’s possible. Kindly visit our website to download Consolidation form or see your stockbroker.

General Share Holding:

1How do I know the companies you are Registrars to?
Kindly visit our website.
2I changed my address, how do I effect it in your record?
Kindly write a letter to us indicating the old and the new address with your signature or visit our website and download the change of address form.
3I have changed my name, how do I effect it on my shareholding in your record?
Please visit our office with the original copy of your sworn court affidavit, marriage certificate (in case of marriage), valid ID, newspaper publication. (Note: In case you cannot bring these documents to our office, an authority letter can be given to your stockbroker to submit all these documents on your behalf which must be sighted and stamped by the broker.)
4There is a spelling error on my name, how can a correction be effected?
Kindly visit our website and download correction of name form complete it and forward to us for necessary action.
5What is BCR?
BCR simply means Bankers Confirmation of signature required from your banker confirming your current signature to us.

General Meetings:

1What is the Annual General Meeting?
General Meetings: Most limited companies are required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders where decisions are taken on the company’s business. The main business of the AGM is repeated every year and it includes accepting the company’s accounts for the year and fixing the proportion of a company’s profits that will be paid back to shareholders as a dividend and any other business that benefit the company.
2What is different between AGM and EGM?
AGM (Annual General Meeting) is done yearly while EGM (Extra General Meeting) is an unpredicted event or decision that need immediate action.
3If I cannot go to a general meeting. Can I vote?
Yes, it’s possible, through our online voting on the day of AGM, or you can appoint someone as your proxy. Please complete the proxy form and dispatch to our office 48 hours before the meeting.
4How can I receive shareholder communications electronically?
Kindly download shareholder information update form on our website, complete and forward to us.
5What happens if I change my e-mail address?
Kindly download shareholder information update form on our website, complete and forward to us.
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