Through the digitalization of every KYC document and information received from shareholders, we are able to offer e-services. shareholder customer identification is seamless, and shareholder can access information on their investment at the click of a button.
All primary market activities are available under our e-offer services through the use of our up-to-date technology. Turnaround time for all debt and equity program are minimized due to this efficient process.
The platform is available for shareholders to confirm their right units, subscribe for the unit desired and submit to registrars electronically. The platform also allows rights notification and application
This service allows shareholders to submit all bank details for prompt remittance of their new and unclaimed dividend.
We administer bonus distribution to shareholders and dematerialize the unit accordingly.
An online platform search for all unclaimed dividend of our client companies.
A live talk to chat for shareholders via our website or our WhatsApp number +2347046126698
Online Portal for Shareholders, Stockbrokers, Company Secretaries and Fundholders – An easy-to-use online portal for Shareholders, Stockbrokers, Company Secretaries and Fundholders for information relating to their investment on a real time basis.
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