Apel Capital Registrars Limited “ACRL” was recently registered as a separate legal entity from Apel Capital & Trust Limited “AC&T” a company incorporated in 1992 as a limited liability to render Asset Management, Registrar and Trusteeship services to government and its parastatals, corporate and individual clients. Apel Capital Registrars Limited is a private company limited by shares, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Apel Group.
At Apel Capital Registrars Limited, we take pride in our tradition which is to provide the best service to our clients. We believe our client’s shareholders deserve the best services by keeping an accurate register, effect timely changes to the register of members, we ensure timely administration of all corporate actions i.e. dividend and bonus, we are efficient in prompt preparation and dispatch of dividend notification and e-credit to all shareholders, we facilitate orderly and well organized Annual and Extraordinary General meetings, ensure prompt printing of updated shareholders ‘registers for our clients. We have the best technology innovation to guarantee our customer success.

Why Apel Capital Registrars

As a one stop shop with a bouquet of financial services and extraordinary talent to constantly meet the changing needs of our clients by adopting creative solutions, we believe establishing a business relationship with your organization will be mutually beneficial to all parties.

Our distinct feature also includes:

  • Strong, experienced and distinct management team
  • Broad perspective of strategic portfolio management
  • Proven and disciplined investment process
  • Superior investment performance with less risk
  • Extensive and exceptional commitment to our client relationships
  • Personalized services with an attentive focus on client’s business needs
  • Global Outlook Platform of Offerings
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